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Implicit trust, unswerving commitment and consistency in quality define the foundation of TKG Industries. Since our beginnings, we are now one of the most sought after company offering innovative solutions in Transmission Towers / Substation Structure fabrication and Hot Dip Galvanizing technology. TKG along with its associate sister concerns is now a one stop solution for the demands of ever growing power generation and Ovear-head Line supply material market.

We are pioneers in Transmission Tower and Structure fabrication and Galvanizing of some of the most unorthodox and structurally sound designers of all kinds of transmission line towers.
We can design the towers depending on your provided designing criterion and reports. We also have a hot dip galvanizing facility which is an inherent process in tower manufacturing. Equipped with the know-how of the market needs TKG is now a name known for our business philosophy and work ethics. Our other ventures cater to the allied businesses of HT/LT overhead line materials, Viz: Ashu Electricals, TK Ghosh & Company and Amrita Precast.


TKG known for its innovative work solutions and clarity in business process, believes in inclusive growth. We wish to grow every day and seek, inculcate and practice newer approaches to work. We believe in growth by imbibing the eternal values of business, like integrity, punctuality and trust. We believe in GROWTH that makes each and every aspect of our work grow with us. From our workmen, our business associates to our patrons, we wish everyone to grow along with us!!


We are known for our simplistic yet structurally robust working designs and quality materials. Our mission is to strive consistently by retaining highest of quality controls, creative work and punctuality. We believe in evolving our business process, thereby becoming a client oriented company. We seek and create working solutions suiting the needs of our domestic as well as international clientele. Right from fabrication, material supply to galvanization processes, we have adopted and brought in the technology that is state of art and market oriented.


The industry comprises all kinds of tower Manufacturing (Transmission / Telecommunication towers) , galvanizing , along with the fabrication of all kinds of metal parts in H.T and L.T. overhead line materials. We have a state of art Testing laboratory for monitoring the Quality assurance in the process. This Fabrication setup has an installed fabrication capacity of 18000 to 20000 Metric Ton and Hot-dip Zinc Galvanizing capacity of 24000 to 25000 Metric Ton annually.




    Since its inception TKG is now known for its specialization in making and fabricating any type of Transmission & Telecommunication towers as well as Substation Structure parts. Using extensive engineering and pinpoint precision we design, fabricate, transport and even erect any type of transmission tower anywhere in the world. By virtue of our location in central India, we procure raw materials from the Power Grid approved & Reputed quality steel providers, which are within a convenient periphery of TKG works. Thus it becomes easy for us to carry out quality control checks at suppliers end as well as at our own premises.

    We have specific machines to carry out fabrication of Transmission Towers / Structure material fabrication work, Angle cropping, Punching, Notching, Marking / Stamping . In addition to these Hot Bending process are also carried out in our Fabrication unit. There are three different Angle fabrication lines which enables us to carry out different projects simultaneously. Machines like Plate Fabrication line caters to Plate Shearing, Punching, Marking/Stamping and bending process. We have separate line for Drilling process, having Hydraulic Band-Saw cutting machine for smooth flow and a separate area for fabricating heavier drilling items (both plates and angles). There is a separate unit of Fabrication of H.T and L.T. overhead line material where we fabricate all kinds of metal parts for 11Kv and 33 Kv line materials for our reputed clients of state and central board. We manufacture all kinds of Clams, V-cross arms, bracing angle/channels, top-clip, complete stay sets, foundation bolts etc. We have an efficient machinery required for the fabrication process such as Band-saw machine, angle / channel Cutting, punching, bending, welding and threading machine.
    Hot dip galvanizing facility enables us to provide end to end solutions as per our client's need. It also helps us in checking and maintaining the international quality standards required for manufacturing towers. The work carried out at each stage is as per the inspection matrix in accordance with the relevant standards. For better production capacity of Galvanizing process we have installed eight tanks pre processing unit before the material dipping. With an adjacent dryer we have the Zinc Kettle measuring: (L x W x H) 8 mtr x 1 mtr x 1.6 mtr. This enables us to galvanize 24000 to 25000 Metric Ton of material in-house.

FABRICATION PROCESS : All kind of Angle (MS/HT) | Cutting | Punching | Notching | Hot Bending | Stamping
GAlVANIZING : Hot Dip Galvanizing Process | Size : (L x W x H) : 8 x 1 x 1.6 mtr

We Manufacture & Deal in

  • Transmission Towers

    Transmission Towers

    Fabrication facility to fabricate all kind of latice type transmission tower. Viz., 33KV, 132KV, 220KV, 400KV, 765KV, 800KV etc.

  • Telecom. Towers

    Telecommunication Towers

    All kinds of Telecommunication Tower and Metal Parts (Accessories), RTT (Roof Top Tower), GBT (Ground Based Tower). We also have team for maintaining any kind of service, tower dismantling / assembling.

  • Substation Structures

    Substation Structures

    Fabrication of all kind of substation structure part, pipe structural part - 33KV, 132KV, 220KV etc.

  • Solar / Windmill Structure

    Solar / Windmill Structure

    Fabrication of all type of Solar / Windmill Structure parts

  • Railway Electrical Structure

    Railway Electrical Structure

    All Types of Fabricated Structures.

  • HT / LT Overhead Line Material

    HT / LT Overhead Line Material

    All Types of HT / LT Overhead Line Materials.

  • Hot-Dip Galvanizing

    Hot-Dip Galvanizing

    Contenues process of Hot Dip Galvanizing. Zink bath size - (L x W x H) - 8 x 1 x 1.6 mtr. Galvanising of TMT Bars / Transmission Tower part / Any kind of fabricated structure part etc.


The company has a vigorous quality control program in the factory premises, precisely from raw material scrutiny, material usage traceability to finishing inspection. Quality control is monitored at every stage thus leaving no scope for uncertainty in the quality of manufacturing. This is ensured using : Universal Testing Machine of 100 Ton Capacity | Rockwell Brinell Hardness Testing Machine | Impact Testing Machine | Thickness Gauge for ferrous & non-ferrous materials (Elchometer) | Chemical Laboratory


We are committed to Environmental care. We have an effective Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to process the hazardous byproducts from the process. We have a complete separate unit to process the effluent adjacent with our galvanizing unit. It's our policy to maintain the highest of environmental conservation standards. We return the resources that we take from mother Earth and ensure the balance is maintained.


  • OFFICE: 49, Central Bazar Road, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur - 10
    REGISTERED ADDRESS: 297, North Bazar Road, Gokulpeth, Nagpur - 10
  • FIXED LINE: 0712-2241524 | MOBILE: 9822225947 | FAX: 0712-2241725
  • ashutosh@tkgipl.com, ashutosh@tkghosh.com
  • FACTORY: K-54, Five Star Area, MIDC, Butibori - 441122
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